5 Simple Wedding Scrapbook Layouts

wedding scrapbook layouts
When creating wedding scrapbook layouts there are so many options you have to choose from.

Here are 5 simple theme ideas for creating a wedding scrapbook

The Engagement

This is where it all began so if you have any photos or memorabilia from the day of the proposal right up to the planning of the wedding, you’ll have the foundation for a beautiful scrapbook. Such things could include pictures, menus, concert tickets, from dates, reception venues and any other memorable moments had.

The Wedding-Formal photos

It’s very common couples to hire a professional photographer to record the special day, from the mornings preparations right through to the reception in the evening. For many of these photos the happy couple will posing and as such will make a great collection of memories for the couple to remember together.

The Wedding-Informal photos

It’s also very common for friends and family to take photos during the wedding. While these photos are not professionally taken, they do provide a very different perspective to the professional photos. They serve as record for what the day was like as an onlooker.

So if you’re able to collect these photos from your friends an loved ones you’ll be able to remember your special day from a completely different angle. To many people seeing these ‘happy-snap’ pictures can be even more special than the professional photos. It’s for this reason that they can form the foundation for a beautiful scrapbook.

The Honeymoon

There are heaps of things to collect to remember a honeymoon from plane tickets, postcards, maps, menus, souvenirs-to the most important of all; the photos. Creating a scrapbook that includes all of these items can be a great way to remember this very special holiday for years and generations to come.

Ever After

The engagement and wedding are some of the most memorable occasions that two people can have during their lives together, however they are really just the beginning. Creating and ‘ever after’ scrapbook that you add to over the years can is a wonderful way to build piece by piece the story of special experiences that two people can share together.


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