3 Tips For Perfect Wedding Scrapbook Layouts

wedding scrapbook layouts
Chances are your special day was a whirlwind of memories, getting ready, photos, well wishers, cake cutting and a new partner to share it all with! Seldom will there be days that will generate more memories and more material to put into a scrapbook.

Just when you thought your days of picking out the perfect patterns, designs and colours for all parts of your wedding was over, you go to put together a scrapbook of your special day. Once again you are knee deep in deciding on colours, patterns and the perfect pieces to commemorate your perfect day with the perfect wedding scrapbook layout.

1) Don’t Whitewash Everything

All too often, I have seen scrapbook after scrapbook which have gone with a white or off white colour as the main colour for the book. While this is a safe bet, its also a boring one. My attitude is nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be a little more adventurous, there is real beauty to be found in a light lavender or a silver/grey theme that can immortalize the moment in a beautiful and individual way.

However if you want a wedding scrapbook that looks like everyone else’s, go right ahead.

2) Tenderness is good, Fun is better

When flipping through wedding scrapbooks, one thing I have noticed is that many scrappers seem to put a lot of soft light studio photographs in their wedding scrapbooks. This should be avoided for two reasons. Firstly, If you want to put a lot of professional photographs together, put them into a photo album. Secondly, everything will look like its in slow motion and should be set to a sound track. This is not how your day went and that’s not what your book should be showing. Include the odd or off the wall photos, the bride fixing her makeup, the happy couple dancing, the band and people enjoying themselves. This brings me to the third tip:

3) Don’t forget about everyone else!

Yes, it was your special day and it was about you and your partner and the life you will be sharing together. However, don’t forget about the multitude of friends, family and well wishers that turned out to be there for your special day. Make sure your wedding scrapbook layouts leave room for pictures of friends, partying, dancing, eating and generally having a great time!

You don’t want everyone thinking no one turned up to your wedding do you?

So there you have it, three easy tips you can follow to avoid the common pitfalls people fall into when designing their wedding scrapbook layouts.

That’s all for now, good luck and happy scrapping!

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