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Vellum Scrapbooking – The Master Scrappers Secret

Vellum Scrapbooking
It comes as no surprise that not everyone has heard of vellum before. But don’t feel bad, I hadn’t heard of it either until I was shown some vellum scrapbooking by someone who had done scrapping for years. So what is it?

Vellum is very similar to leather. It is made from the skin of animals, most commonly goats or sheep. It is much thinner and softer than leather – you’ve probably seen it before used on the skin of drums or on a lampshade. It has been around for hundreds of years and was used as parchment for important documents like land deeds or contracts.

Vellum Scrapbooking: An Easy Guide

Vellum Scrapbooking

What is Vellum

Originally vellum was made from the skin of livestock with it’s intended purpose being a smooth durable surface with which to write on. Early vellum received a vigorous treatment process in order to take it from the skin of an animal to the point where it could be written on and used to create significant documents.