Travel Scrapbook: Your Simple Guide

travel scrapbook
Most of us do not have the luxury of taking a trip whenever we want, or as often as we want. So when we do, we want to a way to remember and remember and retell the good times of our vacations-and nothing speaks more clearly than photos. If you want to share as well as hold onto the memories of your adventures, then maybe a travel scrapbook is just what you need?

What is a Travel Scrapbook?

A travel scrapbook is branch of scrapbooking that holds the visual memories of your trips away. These can include family vacations, honeymoons and other expeditions.

Whether you spent time in the jungles of the Amazon or strolled down the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, a scrapbook can be a great way to bring you back to that time and place. Scrapbooking used to be strictly book and paper, however nowadays with everything becoming digitalized, digital travel scrapbooks are becoming increasingly popular.

When to Create your Travel Scrapbook?

When and how you create your scrapbook is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to enjoy their trip and concentrate on building their scrapbook when they get home. But they will safely store away momentos and photos that they feel will go well inside their scrapbook. That way they can take their time and find photos and other precious items during their vacation.
For other scrapbookers, they want to capture the moments as they go. They consider their scrapbook as their travel diary. For them capturing special moments when it happens is essential in keeping alive the spirit of their experience.
You don’t have to decide one way or the other. You could do a little while on vacation and finish the rest when you return home.

Travel Scrapbook Ideas

One of the most exciting things about traveling is visiting locations that are foreign to you. Different customs, traditions and languages are interesting to learn experience and learn about. For your scrapbook paper, you could purchase Italian paper that you got while in Italy. You can add currency that you used while in India. Menus, local flowers, hotel stationeries are just a few things that can go into your scrapbook.
And of course, you can’t forget about the photos. Historical monuments and famous landmarks are always popular photo choices. If you captured your loved one doing something funny, special or exciting, while in a foreign place, these images can bring back the feelings of that moment every time you look at them.
Lastly, why go at it alone? Throw a scrapbook retreat with friends and family. Have everyone bring his or her pictures and souvenirs from the trip and as a group, you all can decide what will go into the scrapbook. Not only is it a good way to relive the memory of vacation, but once again all of you will create memories that will be told together in your travel scrapbook.

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