A Travel Scrapbook With A Twist

travel scrapbook
The popularity of travel scrapbooking has been climbing in recent times, so much so that I”d like to explore a new twist for a creating an album that tells a story of magnitude that’s larger than life.

In a traditional travel scrapbook the lead character would usually be you or I as we voyage from place to place. However, in order to create a story that’s larger than life we need a protagonist other than ourselves, we need to find a “something” that can transformed into a “someone”. Someone that we can tell our story through.

What I’m suggesting needs to be nothing more than an ornament, or a stuffed toy.

Now, I know this may sound silly, but if you release your imagination and let it run wild, you’ll discover that your scrapbook becomes more than just a dry slideshow of popular landmarks, It’ll be an adventure packed journal filled with revelations, discoveries and new perspectives.

But how do you to tell a story through the eyes of a character? Well for illustrative purposes I’ll explain how using a plush bunny as the protagonist. I’ll also give him a name, lets call him ‘Brain’ (Brain the Bunny).

The first step would be take photos of Brian the Bunny at all of the places you visit. You could also take pictures at food stands, shops, and in transport vehicles. What happens through doing this is a story begins to build through the eyes of the toy.

Now, obviously I’m not suggesting that you refrain from taking photos of yourself nor am I suggesting that you make the sole purpose of your holiday about something other than yourself. But rather I’m suggesting that you take a few extra photos while you’re traveling so that when you return you’ll have the means to add twist to your travel album by telling your story through the eyes of a character.