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A Picture Perfect Baby Girl Scrapbook

baby girl scrapbook
Lets do a quick exercise. I want you to picture someone showing you a scrapbook. A book designed for their baby girl. What sort of book are you visualising? Chances are it goes something along these lines:

Its a pink or lavender colour. There bits of ribbon and lace on and around the pages. There are some pattens, most involve, pink and white and most probably have lines or checkered styles. Amongst them are numerous photos of the baby spread over a number of pages, which are over the space of about a year.

How to Make an Awesome Baby Boy Scrapbook

baby boy scrapbook
Whether he’s still a little treasure or has all grown up and made his way into the world, your little boy will have given you a lot of memories which is why a baby boy scrapbook is a popular choice. Its only after they have made the decision to make one, that many scrapbookers become unglued at how to put one together. Well fear not – I am happy to pass along some tips to help you with your next one!

4 Great Baby Girl Scrapbook Tips

baby girl scrapbook
Regardless of whether you are making a baby girl scrapbook for your own little girl or as a gift to a friend who is expecting a daughter, there are a few things that you have to know in order to make sure that your scrapbook is the best it can be. A scrapbook for a daughter needs to capture the essence of her personality. It should be a reflection of the mood that you want to project in your scrapbook for your little girl.

5 Tips for Making a Baby Boy Scrapbook

baby boy scrapbook
One of the things that any mom of any age can do to preserve the memories of having a baby boy is to make a baby boy scrapbook. Making a scrapbook lets you create a personalized record of the first year in your baby boy’s life.

The great thing about scrapbooking the cherished moments of your baby boy’s early years is that you have the freedom to make it however you like. You can choose the layout, the colors, and the entries of the scrapbook.