How to Add Scrapbooking Quotes to Your Layout Pages

scrapbooking quotes
Scrapbooking is largely a visual from of art, however sometimes with the addition of a few heart warming quotes and sayings you can make those special photos just a little bit more special. There are lots of ways to include scrapbooking quotes in your layouts and here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Layout titles

Using quotes as layout titles is a great way to give your page a certain theme. Simple, short, sweet and to the point. They can be funny if you like too. You can also add layout titles to a variety of backgrounds, textures and materials to make your page really pop.


Even though this may seem very “same old, same old,” captions are a great way to identify pictures or to add large chunks of text-and still avoid crowding out everything else on the page. It’s true that captions may not always be the most creative method, but they can fit just about anywhere, and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Thought bubbles

Thought bubbles are a great way to add text and quotes to pictures, especially to remember the funny conversations had at the time of the photo. Thought bubbles also work well in situations where someone is not saying something, but rather thinking something instead. Thought bubbles can work well with pictures of funny facial expressions on both people and animals too.

Swing tags

Swing tags work best when you simply want to include brief, descriptive information somewhere. Swing tags are great for identifying locations or other “significant statistics.”

Conversational balloons

Remember the old comic strips in the newspaper? Conversational balloons are a great way to add dialog to your scrapbooking layout. If it looks like people truly are talking to each other in a particular picture, feel free to add a couple of conversational balloons-one for each person talking, or you could come up with funny quips that fit the picture in question.

These are just a few ways to add scrapbooking quotes and sayings to your pages, however there are also many others. My suggestions are just a few to help get you started, and remember there are ‘no’ rules.


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