Why You Need To Use Scrapbooking Punches In Your Next Album!

scrapbooking punches
You’ve probably come across punches before, whether it was a punch on your Subway or Coffee Shop loyalty card or whether you had an admission ticket punched when you entered an event. So you’ll be familiar with what they can do.

But did you know that there are many different types of scrapbooking punches? No, I’m not talking about ones that do hearts, moons and stars. I am talking about a whole range of punches that each do a different task.

Shape Punches

Yes, the simple shape punch. The one that we are all familiar with. While you can get the simple and cheap punches that only do one shape over and over – the scientists in the shape punching companies have been busy bees and have come up with a multi-shape punch. This is a punch that has a little insert on the bit that does the punching. You can swap this out with other inserts that can let you do any shape you like. Tired of hearts? That’s ok – swap it with a boat… or a horse or smiley face or anything you feel like!

Corner Punches

These corner punchers are sometimes called ‘corner rounders’. The idea behind this is that it can take any corner of a page and turn it into a perfect curve. This will really make your pages stand out from the crowd and as a bonus – no more paper cuts!

Don’t settle for boring square corners anymore – go round!

Border Punches

This is one of my favourite types of scrapbooking punches. These look a bit like a hair clip. They are wide and are designed to go along the edges of your pages. When you clip, it clips a pattern along the edge. I have seen some fantastic pages that have waves and leaves clipped around the edges of them.

You can also use them on multiple bits of paper and lay them over the top of each other for a truly dazzling effect. Turn that line of waves into an ocean or the leaves into an overgrown forest!

While there are more scrapbooking punches, I don’t want to over load you with ideas, so go now and get cracking on the ones that have come up while reading this article.

Good luck and happy scrapping!