5 Clever Ways to Use Scrapbooking Punches

scrapbooking punches
The scrapbooking punch is a relatively inexpensive scrapbooking tool, and best of all you can use it over and over again.

What’s also great about them is they’re so versatile that you can use them to spruce up your page layout without having to continually purchase those once-off embellishments like stickers.

Here are a few different ways that you can use a scrapbooking punch to liven up you page layouts:

Shaped “Dots”

Your scrapbooking punches don’t just punch shapes “out” of paper, leaving shaped space, they also leave left over punched-out shapes that can be used to spruce up your page. Try punching out paper of different colors, shapes, and textures, and use those pieces by gluing them into different textured shapes and “collages.”

Paper Punch Frames

When you’ve got photos to frame, you can create pretty, textured edges for those frames by placing a contrasting piece of paper that’s about a quarter of an inch larger than the photo-under the photo. Then place a paper punched “frame” of a different color on top of the bottom piece of paper to reveal the punched patten frame.

Remember the top layer should be cut to the same size as the bottom layer, with an opening large enough for the photo to show through.

Text Areas

Sometimes, picture captions are nice, but they can be very ordinary too. For a new look, try using a larger paper punch to make large sized cutouts in paper; lay these cutouts against light colored backgrounds on your page, and then write text captions in bold-black marker in the spaces.

Page Borders

Try cutting strips of paper with a paper cutter, and then punching out different sized shapes to make patterned holes in these border strips. Next Glue the borders back onto the scrapbooking pages, letting the background of the pages show through the holes.

Scalloped Edges

You can also scallop the edges of the pages themselves for an old-fashioned lacy look by punching out shapes right on the very edge of the page or border.

If you have any other ideas for how to use scrapbooking punches, please leave a comment below.


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