Get Away From It All With Scrapbook Retreats!

scrapbook retreats
Do you find yourself struggling to find time to get some serious scrapbooking done? Are you looking to make friends who also like to make albums? Interested in learning some new techniques from experts?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then you need to book yourself into one of the many scrapbook retreats on offer!

What are they?

Well, they’re places avid scrapbookers go to socialize, trade ideas and, of course, get some good scrapbooking done!

So what goes on at one of these events?

The one thing that all the getaways have in common is that there is a lot of time set aside for scrapping. All scrapbook retreats are different and they all have their own activities. Some have organised masseurs come in to give people massages, some have competitions, give aways and prizes, while others have guest speakers or just good ol scrapping sessions.

Its also common practice for a goodies bag of scrapping material to be given to every attendee upon arrival.

What should I bring?

There are a couple of things you need to bring to these retreats, first and foremost, you’ll need to bring your scrapbooks and any material you would like to use. There may be some at the retreat itself, however they may not have the material you are looking for, so make sure to bring any essential material.

Like any holiday, you’ll also need a change of clothes and toiletries. You will also want to check if the retreat has a pool or swimming area, as you may also want to bring some bathers and a towel.

Lastly, bring some money. You may need to buy some lunch or petrol. Sometimes the retreats will also sell materials – and you might just find a material you just have to have!

So check it out, book yourself into one of many scrapbook retreats, meet some great friends who are passionate scrappers and have a blast!

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