Scrapbook Page Layouts – Six Basic Elements for a Great Page

Scrapbooking is usually defined as the method of creatively preserving and displaying photos, along with journaling and other memorabilia. There are a wide variety of ways to do this. It's no surprise that many people are not sure what to include in scrapbook page layouts? These six basic elements are the foundation for great scrapbook pages.

There are many ways these elements can be used in your pages. Most pages include these elements, but occasionally you will find that a page may not need them all. There are not too many hard and fast rules in scrapbooking. Using these as a guide you can come up with some beautiful pages. We'll look at these basic elements, then you can decide how to make them work in your page layouts.

  • Photos – These are usually the essence of the page. Although, we may occasionally create a page with no photos. Choosing instead to focus on a piece of memorabilia or journaling. Photos should be the focus of the page. All of the other elements should compliment and enhance them.
  • Scrapbooking Page Titles – The page title conveys the theme and often the mood of the page. The title can be positioned anywhere on the page, but is usually a prominent feature. Quotes and sayings can be used as scrapbooking page titles, as well a names and simple phrases. There are many options for creating a page title. Some of these options are, handwriting, using stencils, stickers and stamps, and computer generated or preprinted titles.
  • Journaling – Journaling tells the story in the photos, often including events you cannot see in them. Don't forget to include the names, dates and places. You can also include events and your thoughts and feelings. Poems, quotes and sayings are also part of journaling. Sometimes a page can focus more on the journaling, even having no pictures at all.
  • Photo Mats – A photo is traditionally matted by placing a paper behind the photo with a small border all the way around. This can emphasize a photo or help it stand out. You can double mat a certain photo for extra emphasis. Photos can also be partially matted by a paper. You can mat all or several photos, or only the focal point photo.
  • Embellishments – Stickers and other embellishments, such as brads, eyelets, and ribbons; can spice up your scrapbooking page layouts. Embellishments should enhance the page, not overwhelm or distract from the photos.
  • Borders – Borders add visual interest to a page. They can be placed at the sides or the top and/or bottom of a page. Many materials may be used, such as pen, stamps, paper, stickers and much more.

Whew, we made it through the list. It wasn't so bad was it? Now let's get started on that scrapbook you've been dying to make. Remember these are some of the basics. Don't be afraid to experiment with these, develop your own personal style, and most important…have fun!

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