4 Elements to Consider in Your Scrapbook Designs

There a number of things to keep in mind when creating scrapbook designs that if not considered can easily leave in your finished layouts with much to be desired, with no real obvious reasons why. Making sure that you consider the following elements will give you a strong foundation for making your next scrapbook hang together beautifully.


The first thing to consider in your design is the scale. This usually refers to the size that the actual scrapbook will be-will it be a small 12×12 or will it be a much larger custom size. Some things you could consider when making this choice include where you’d like the scrapbook to be displayed, as well as how many and what type of photos you’d like to be in it.


Repetition is the second aspect you must determine when designing your scrapbook. You must always remember that scrapbooks are mediums not only made for yourself, but for others as well. So try to mix it up a little and avoid creating too many pages with very little differing elements.

Just as you would avoid repeating a story several times, so too you should prevent yourself form wasting too many pages on the same activity, theme, or event in your life.


Spacing refers to the distance between the individual elements on the on page layout and can be difficult matter. There is a fine line between having a balanced scrapbook page and a gaudy mess. If items are too closely spaced your reader will feel overwhelmed. If your items are spaced too far apart your viewer will feel short changed.

Look at your page. Close your eyes. Open them again. Does your page look cluttered? Does your page have more photographs than background? Are your embellishments drawing the focus away from your mementos? Then, you need to simplify your page a bit and increase the spacing between objects. Remember you can always add more pages.

Is your page bare? Is your page uninteresting and colorless? Then, think about adding some more mementos and colorful embellishments. In this way, you can decrease the spacing between objects making your page more energetic.


Stability is when a page appears to be well balanced. This is largely a matter of how the arrangement makes you feel when you look at it. If it looks ‘lop-sided’ or too busy on one side, then you may not have your page balanced.

If, however, you want to create a feeling of unease, try putting your elements close to one side or the top. You might try this if you were assembling a page on mountaineering for instance, to create a feeling of height.


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