Your Simple Guide to Scrapbook Charms

What makes a scrapbooks very different from all other kinds of books is that they’re substantially more exciting. In fact, the mere mention of a scrapbook often raises people’s curiosity to the point where they’re itching see one.

A scrapbook, after all, is a memory book of special times in your life-summarized into just a few pages of pictures, notes, and memorabilia. And because of people’s inquisitive nature-when they hear that you have a scrapbook they’ll almost always ask to see it.

One way to make sure that you’re scrapbook has extra wow factor is to embellish it’s page with little charms that represent different aspects of your personality.

What is a Charm

In scrapbooking terms a charm is simply a little item or trinket that is added to a layout page to highlight an event, a personality trait, a skill or a passion. Scrapbook charms are much like the charms you’d see on a charm bracelet however they also extend to items such as buttons and cuff links.

Lets look at an example of how a scrapbook charm could be used in a layout.

Say you have a 2 year old son, he really likes to play with trucks and you’ve created a scrapbook page with a few photo’s of him happily playing with his toy trucks. To add a charm to this layout page highlight his passion for trucks, you could visit your local haberdashery shop and pick a couple of inexpensive buttons such as a truck, wheel, or steering wheel button etc. You could then glue, stitch, or stick the button to the page and add a nice little quote such as “My Little trucker”.

You can also choose different kinds of charms for every scrapbook page depending on the mood or theme that it has. If you are creating a page that dwells on your love for sports, you should use charms that relate to these activities to help accentuate the main theme of the page.

On the other hand, if you devote a page for your outdoor activities, then you should use charms that represent these activities such as little fish for fishing, shells for the beach, or a carabina mountaineering.

Too Much of A Good Thing

Since charms are decorative and symbolic items, it is important that you do not overstuff your page with them. If you do, it would defeat the purpose of being a decoration as it could take away precious attention from the more significant items on the page-the photos.

Having too many charms in the scrapbook would also reduce its value as a symbol. Instead, it will be treated as a mere decoration without any other meaning other than a little bit of eye-candy.

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