Are You Using Scrapbook Charms? You Should Be!

A number of scrapbookers I know don’t use scrapbook charms in their albums. Why is this? Well some of the ones I talked to didn’t know such things existed, while others just plain forgot that the existed. I personally couldn’t scrapbook without them!

In case this is the first time you have come across the term, scrapbook charms are very similar to charm bracelets. These are little pieces of metal cut, pressed and painted to look like miniature versions of everything, whether its scissors, minnie mouse or a ribbon, really they can be anything!

In the same way that tailors have a tray full of buttons, my scrapbook supplies have a tray full of different scrapbooking charms. Some of these I have brought in stores, while others I have actually taken from some of my old charm bracelets.

So why should you be using these charms in your scrapbook? Well, it really brings a scrapbook to life, it really shows that you care about the small details and contributes to the theme of the scrapbook.

Many times I have come across scrapbooks which are missing the finishing touches. The pages were beautiful and carefully decorated, but just felt a little dry and clinical. If the person had added some scrapbook charms in the right places, it really would have added a lot of character to the book and taken it from good to great!

Its hard to describe the feeling you get when you see an album that has some charms added in here and there. However, most scrappers I have talked to agreed that the charms really add a little touch of magic when included.

So now you can add a touch of magic to your next project with some scrapbook charms.