How To Select A School Scrapbook Layout Colour Scheme

school scrapbook
In today’s post I’d like talk about one of the most common stumbling blocks in planning your scrapbook page layout. What I’ll be covering in detail is how to choose a colour scheme that compliments your photos. More specifically though, I’ll be explaining how to do so in the context of a school scrapbook layout.

If the very first thing you should do to when planning a page layout is to choose the photos, then the second step should be to choose a colour scheme. As a general rule it’s best to select only two main colours, although you can stretch it to a third if you absolutely have to.

So how to choose the best colours for your school themed layout?

To many people, choosing a layout colour scheme is about as easy as guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar at your child’s school fair (not easy), however it doesn’t need to be this way. I’m about to share with you the simple 2 step process that I follow to select a simple and complimentary colour scheme that works beautifully, first time every time.

My Simple 2 Step Colour Choosing Process:

Step 1

Look at the most predominant colours in the photo. A tip on where to look in your school photos is the uniform that your child is wearing. For example, if the main uniform colour is blue, then you can use the blue as the main background colour in the page.

Step 2

To find the second colour, a great place to look is at the emblem or monogram that is embroidered on the jacket, jumper, or blazer of the uniform. If your child is not wearing one of these though, you can look to their socks, shirt collar, or perhaps even a highlighting color in a dress.

So for example if the main colour of the uniform is blue and the emblem is red, you now know that the colours you should use for your layout to best compliment the photos will be blue for the background and red to highlight the other page elements.

Happy scrapping!

- Janette Miller