How To Add Uniforms To A School Scrapbook Page

school scrapbook
One of the best ways to remember your child’s younger years is to collate as much primary and secondary school memorabilia as you can and present it all in a school scrapbook.

As getting started is always the first and largest stumbling block to overcome, in this article I’d like to outline a few examples of layout features and embellishments using uniforms, that you can use to make your very own special school album of your child’s school years.

Uniforms can be used in many different ways to embellish the pages of your album, but you’ll have to be prepared to cut them into pieces. If you are, these are a few of the things you might what to look for.


All school uniforms will have a monogram which is usually located on the chest area of a blazer, jumper or jacket. A great way to use this in your scrapbook is to cut the monogram out of the uniform and add it to your scrapbook page as a pocket. Using it as a pocket allows you to place other things like notes and tags to the page without having having to clutter up the page with long blocks of text.


Buttons are another simple way to embellish your album with sentimental mementoes. The best items of clothing to get buttons from will usually be from a blazer or shirt as jumpers and jackets are more likely to have zippers. One of my favourite places to put buttons in a layout is on the bottom right or left corner of a photo of my son in his school uniform.

There are many other ways to add embellishments to a school themed layout, such as uniform fabric cuttings, slide photo mounts, pens, pencils, stickers, sports balls, awards and certificates. But I’ll cover them in more detail in coming articles.