5 Great High School Scrapbook Theme Ideas

school scrapbook
Making a scrapbook to reflect your experiences at school is not only fun, it is also the best way that you can keep the memories of one of the greatest learning chapters in your life. Going to school, after all, is actually a journey of encountering the world through books and real life experiences -away from the confines of the home.

With all the memorable events that can and do take place during your time in school, having a scrapbook to remember them is a must. However it’s also necessary to be able to organize your school scrapbook in the most appropriate manner

Here are 5 simple themes to get you started:


Classrooms can often be the scene for the most unforgettable moments in school, so why not center a page around text books, test papers and exercise books. You should not hesitate to include portions of your test papers or your written assignments in your scrapbook. These should remind of how good or bad you were doing in school, and can be something to be proud of or to laugh at in your later years.


If you’re an athlete in any sport while in school, it would nice to include a theme on the leagues or on the sports events that you have participated. You must have heard about how your mom boasts about being the best quarterback, or basketball forward, or pitcher in school although she does not have much to prove it. You can avoid getting into such situation in the future if you devote a portion of your scrapbook for your sporting skills. Place pictures of you in uniform or in action during a game in your school scrapbook.


There may be a lot of things that you gain while you are in school aside from education and one of the most valuable of these are your friends. Because of this, it is simply unforgivable if you do not devote a portion of your scrapbook for the theme on friendship. It is here that you can post your pictures of fun times together.

Field Trips

It is not just in the classrooms where you learn those valuable lessons and this is why school excursions are held for students. These are indeed times when you can have so much fun with your classmates all-the-while getting an education outside the school’s walls. This too, definitely, deserves a space in your school scrapbook.


It is almost impossible for people to forget about their experiences during the prom. This is also the reason why you should elaborate such memories by actually remembering it in full details through your scrapbook. You can post pictures of you in your pretty prom dress as well as your date for the event. A lot of happy things can happen during the prom and you may need to make sure that these are well mentioned in your scrapbook.

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