What Kind of Person is Good at Cheap Scrapbooking?

cheap scrapbooking
In my time as a scrapper, I have met a number of people who love scrapbooking. They come from all walks of life and there really is a diverse community of people who love and do make albums on a regular basis.

But when it comes to cheap scrapbooking, it takes a certain kind of person, or more specifically, certain kinds of personality traits, to truly be successful at this.

I’m not saying you have to have all of these traits, but I’ve found that more of these that you either, have or can develop, the more successful you’ll be – and the better your scrapbooks will turn out. So if you want to make an attempt at thrifty scrapbooking, here a few things to work on:


Being resourceful is what thrifty scraping is all about. Its the most important aspect for anyone thinking about doing this. This is a not an optional or ‘nice to have’ trait, it is a staple requirement. If you are not even a little bit resourceful, you will have a very hard time.

You need to be resourceful to look and think about places and sources of materials. You’ll think of plenty of places to find cheap or free materials – newspapers, storerooms, off cuts, the garden. Soon you’ll find that you’ll rarely even need to step foot in a craft store!


Being logical is a big help to inexpensive scrapbooking and is a great addition to resourcefulness. Being a logical thinker will help you avoid mistakes and make finding things easier. You’ll think of where the most logical place to find certain materials will be, what will and won’t fit on to your album pages and what makes sense to fit in with the theme of your scrapbook.


A creative person will have a great time with cheap scrapbooking. They will see this as a challenge to save money and will have a great time doing it. They will get a chance to flex their creative muscle and have the sense of accomplishment when finished.

But don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a creative type, creativity *can* be taught!

Creativity will not only help you finish your book, it will make it look fantastic and you can be content that you didn’t pay too much to make it!

So if you are thinking about scrapbooking on a budget, you might want to try and exercise these particular characteristics as you hunt for materials.