Resourceful, Creative And Cheap Scrapbooking Tips

cheap scrapbooking pockets
In this post I’d like to mention a few unlikely places where you can find not-only cheap scrapbooking materials, but in most cases, free ones!

My Back Yard

While taking a break from one of my albums, I ventured out into the back yard to bring the washing in. While I was out there, I wondered if there was anything from the back yard that I could use for my album. And what I came back with was some beautiful leaves and some flowers. I dried these out and included them in a nature section of my scrapbook. The effect was quite charming.

Friends and Family

Many of my friends and some family members have spare rooms in their houses. In them, they store stationery, old materials, files, old toys and many other things no longer used. After seeking permission, I went through these rooms and found a treasure trove of materials I could use in my albums.

The upside was that everyone was happy for me to take these things as they had been meaning to throw them out, so I was doing them a favour.

Hard Rubbish Day

I don’t know about you, but in my neighbourhood we have a thing called hard rubbish day. This is a day when people take the things that they no longer want and put them out on the strip of grass in front of their house where the local council can come and take them away.

This is an absolute goldmine for crafting materials, I have found old linen, ribbons, wrapping paper, coloured pencils, paper – pretty much everything a scrapper could need. I was in heaven.

So you see, if you just sit down and have a bit of a think, you will be able to come up with a whole heap of different places to source materials for your scrapbooks.


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