More Great Tips for Cheap Scrapbooking

cheap scrapbooking
Scrapbooking was originally invented by society’s poor people, in a time when photographs were expensive and the whole family had to be there for the occasion. It was a way for the poor to preserve cherished memories without spending a fortune.

So we are going to go back to grass roots with cheap scrapbooking.

Firstly, avoid buying anything new. I know its tempting and when you are in a craft store there are so many little things that would be ‘perfect’ for your scrapbook, but once you start buying little things here and there, the little costs starts stacking up quickly – and besides, you would be defeating the point of tying to save money.

Your Second step is to go through all your cupboards, drawers, store rooms and yes, even your tool boxes. You are looking for two things here. Materials, whether that should be paper, cloth, plastic, metal – anything that could possibly be used in your scrapbook.

The second kinds of things you are looking for in your search are tools, scissors, hammers, tin snips, pliers – anything that could be used to cut, shape or fashion all sorts of materials. Also be on the lookout for things like pens, pencils, paint and pastes. These will help in the crafting process to decorate and colour your materials.

Your last step is to find different or alternative sorts of memorabilia for your book. Photos are good, but you can add so much more to your albums. A ribbon that was worn in your hair on the day, a wrapper of a candy bar you might have eaten at an event, an invitation to a wedding. The more you look, the more you will find to add to your book to give it more flavour!

So by using a different line of thinking, you will find that thrifty scrapbooking is much easier than you first might have thought. And as a great bonus, you will save a bit of money while doing it too!

Good luck and happy scrapping!