Laugh All The Way to The Bank With Cheap Scrapbooking

cheap scrapbooking
After numerous discussions with scrappers about cheap scrapbooking, I come across the same line of thinking all the time. What is the biggest problem with this kind of process? “Its too hard and takes too much time”.

While this may be true for them, it may simply be because they haven’t discovered the right way to go about it. I’ve put down a few of my own techniques I use when I am saving money while scrapping.


Look around your house. If you are at all like me, chances are you’ll find a treasure trove of materials just aching to be used in your next album.

My kids have grown up and moved out, but what they didn’t take with them was a heap of their school supplies. This was one of my best finds. Pens, coloured pencils, book contact, old exercise and text books.

Along with this I found stickers from activity sheets, old magazines and art supplies.

I used a bit of all of these supplies when I was making a scrapbook about their school years – I didn’t even buy a new album, I simply used one of the old exercise books and made a new cover for it. It looked amazing, with their old home work as part of the background!


Most people overlook their garden when thinking about scrapbooking materials. Little do they know that they could be using leaves, flowers and buds from their own garden. A little time drying out pressed between the pages of a book and they’ll be ready for your next album – free of charge!

Grocery Bags

Do you live in an area that gives the option of paper bags for your shopping? If you do, take these home and cut them up to create pages for your next scrapbook. This works especially well if you are making a historical or old looking scrapbook. It really adds to the vintage feel.

Just add some twine and ribbon to complete the effect.

I’m sure you’ve probably thought of some other great cheap scrapbooking ideas by now as well, so get out there and start saving some money!