How to Do Cheap Scrapbooking Like a Pro

cheap scrapbooking
Are you tired of spending increasing amounts of money on your scrapbooks? Do you find that scrapbooking materials are just too expensive, or are you looking for a more hands on approach to scrapping?

Then you’re in the right place! Cheap scrapbooking is not a dirty term – although some may tell you it is. There is nothing wrong with saving money while making a scrapbook. In fact, I find it crazy that some people spend so much money on scrapbooking supplies just to get a cookie cutter look to their books.

So lets roll up our sleeves and start making great looking albums while saving money!


A stencil is your best friend. You can buy one, or make your own out of cardboard. Buying one for this purpose is smart as you can use the same stencil again and again – saving cash every time you use it. I keep a variety of stencils in my scrappers kit and pull out at least one for every album.

I have saved a fair bit of money on pre-cut shapes doing it this way and you will too.


Ok, this is another one you will have to buy initially, however, like stencils, these baby’s keep giving and giving. For a small outlay, you can make an unlimited amount of paper charms and decorations for your scrapbooks.

For best results, buy a punch that has changeable heads, that way you can just swap and create any shape you want.


Chalk based pastels are wonderful. You can turn any white sheet of paper into the colour of your choosing with only a minutes worth of work. Simply grab a white sheet of paper, choose the colour of your pastel, rub it over the paper sideways and cover most of the sheet. Then use your palm to spread the pastel chalk across the sheet.

I get fantastic results from this, colouring the paper and giving it a billowing, cloudy look which adds fantastic texture and depth to the page.

Using these few cheap scrapbooking methods, I have saved a surprising amount of money on my supplies. So if you want better looking albums and to save money while doing it – do it by hand!