How To Beautifully Frame Photos – The Cheap Scrapbooking Way

‘How to frame photos’ is a question that I get asked regularly as it seems to be a stumbling block for a lot of new scrappers. So in this article I’d like to show you 2 very simple and cheap scrapbooking techniques for framing photos that’ll really pop out!

The Polaroid Effect

cheap scrapbooking polaroid effect
To create a polaroid effect all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps.

  1. First crop the photo that you want to use so that it’s a square shape (not a rectangle)
  2. Then cut out a piece of paper/card which is 1cm wider (0.5cm on the left and right sides) and 2.5cm higher (0.5 cm at the top – 2cm at the bottom) than your photo
  3. Finally use some double sided tape to secure the photo to the card, positioning it with 0.5cm padding on the left, top and right sides, and 2cm at the bottom

And if you’d like to create cork-board mounting effect, secure the mounted photo to your page layout using split-pins or brass paper fasteners.

Hint: You can also position the photo at the bottom of the card leaving the thicker section at the top (as seen in the pic to the right) if want to mix it up a little.

Torn-Edge effect

cheap scrapbooking torn frame effect
To create this effect, take piece of paper or card (card tends to work best) that is larger than the photo you want to use and simply start tearing off pieces around the edges. Be sure that the overall shape of the torn edges reflects the same shape of the photo, however they edges don’t need to be perfectly straight.

You can repeat this process again with a larger piece of card with a contrasting colour to make the smaller frame pop out an look like it has been torn from the page.

If you’ve found these framing techniques useful then you’ll find heaps more cleverly inexpensive scrapbooking techniques in the album scrapbooking product – The Secret To Simply Stunning Layouts. So check it out now!