Discover Hidden Treasures with Cheap Scrapbooking

cheap scrapbooking shed
When I trade cheap scrapbooking tips with my friends, one thing usually comes up. It seems that many people perceive it to be quite hard.

Many of them like the idea of using materials that they already have, however when they draw a blank on what to actually use, they usually turn to buying one or two pieces from a shop. And then before they know it, they’ve bought a whole bunch of new materials for their album at a significant cost.

So to help avoid this, I’ve laid out a few good places in your house you can look for some scrapbooking materials.

The Spare Room

This should be the first port of call for anyone looking to save money scrapbooking. It will have the most gains for the least amount of work, and best of all – you might not even have to go another room to source materials.

Nearly every house I’ve been to has a room or at least a corner, cupboard, shed, garage or bookshelf that is used to store things that people aren’t really going to use any more.

So its a great place to start.

The Garden Shed

The garden shed is great for more coarser materials. Here you’ll find things like extra scraps of wood, paints, plaster, woodchips and metal filings. While they are very rough and textured materials, they can really add some flavour and roughness to an album – if thats the look you are going for.

The Stationery Cupboard

This isn’t necessarily a cupboard, it can be a shelf, drawer, box or anything really. It’s the area where every household keeps their pens, pencils, extra paper, envelopes, wrapping paper and any number of supplies.

Using stationery is a great way of filling in blank spaces, creating backgrounds for your pages, backings for photos and adding a bit of colour and flair to your albums.

There are a heap of places you can look around your house for cheap scrapbooking materials – and I’m sure there are a heap of places in your home that I haven’t covered that you could search.


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