Destroying the Cheap Scrapbooking Myth

cheap scrapbooking
Whenever I bring up the subject of cutting costs of your scrapbooking supplies or ask people how they save money when scrapping, I am usually met with uncomfortable ‘mms’ or ‘uuuhhs’, and on the odd occasion… Silence!

It seems that saving money on your materials or looking for cheaper scrapbook supplies is a taboo subject in some scrapping circles. It’s only when I point out that scrapbooking was originally invented by the poorest of people, looking for a way to preserve memories, without having to pay for a family photograph – which were incredibly expensive at the time, that people step back and listen.

Most scrappers then find it ironic that it has developed into a somewhat costly habit with the expenses of albums, materials and time that stacks up. Once this was discussed, many scrappers were happy to point out that they actaully did scrapbook on the cheap and have a number of techniques they use to bring down the costs of their albums – once I had sworn never to tell their other scrapper friends.

The funny part about this is that they say their best albums, and the ones most admired by their friends, were the cheapest ones to make. These are the albums where they had actually used much more left overs and scraps and had to be more creative to get the desired result using what materials they had on had.

They believe (and as do I) that it’s because they were forced to be more creative that they achieved better results. They also feel that by undertaking thrifty techniques their books had a much more authentic feel, as everything was crafted, coloured, cut out and prepared by hand, giving a much more finer attention to detail on basically everything.

To add to this, they also felt that these particular scrapbooks were their greatest achievements out of all the ones they had made.

Well, I was convinced! Cheap scrapbooking is the way to go, with lower costs and better results, why wouldn’t you?