Cleverly Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas Using Puzzles!

Scrapbooking embellishments can in many ways be the difference between an average layout and a magnificent one. The trouble however, is that the cost of these little single-use trinkets can add up very quickly, especially when they can easily cost upwards of $5 each.

That’s why I’d like to share with you one of my favourite thrifty scrapbooking tips, that utilises an item that you probably never thought of before, but yet are likely to have lying around the house. And that is – a jigsaw puzzle!

Almost everyone has a puzzle or two that’s just gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. So here are a few ways to put them to good use in your scrapbooks.

cheap scrapbooking puzzle photo frame

Puzzle Photo Frame

To create a puzzle photo frame, firstly assemble a section of your puzzle to match the shape and size of the photo you’ve chosen for your layout. Generally this will be a square or rectangle, however you can also make it a rounder shape if you like.

Then, carefully remove the pieces from the centre, leaving only a boarder that is one row of puzzle pieces thick. You can now place the puzzle border over the top of your photo and mount it to your page.

cheap scrapbooking puzzle page boarder

Puzzle Page Boarder

Much like the photo frame boarder, you can apply the same technique for making page boarders. You’ll just need to assemble a larger section of the puzzle, and probably run a line of sticky tape along the back to hold it all together.

Puzzle Featured Embellishment

cheap scrapbooking puzzle embellishment
The idea behind the featured embellishment method, is to use a section of the puzzle that actually has a picture in it, and use that to create another focal point in the layout.

So, just like the two methods above, assemble a section of the puzzle that contains a picture that will compliment your layout (it could be anything, an aeroplane, a kitten, or even a barbie doll).

Then, when you’ve finished making the puzzle section, flip it over and once again place some sticky tape on the back to hold it all together. You can now place the puzzle picture in your layout the same way as any other embellishment.


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