Cheap Scrapbooking Techniques: Titles And Lettering

cheap scrapbooking scrabble tiles
Creating titles is common place for new scrappers to blow out their budget, spending far more money than they’d like to on single use stickers and letter sheets, the likes of which they’ll only ever use once.

The good news is there are definitely other-better and cheaper scrapbooking options for adding lettering and titles to your pages without blowing your budget, and better still-sometimes not even paying a cent.

The problem with letter sheets is that all to often you’ll buy an entire sheet of letters for $5-$10 and only be able write a few words with them. Which leaves a stack of never to be used again letters on the sheet, making the cost of the letters that you do actually use to be very very expensive.

So in this article I’d like list a few ways for finding inexpensive alternatives for adding letters and titles to your pages.

Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble tiles are an great way to add titles to your pages. These can often be picked up from a second hand store for next to nothing, or better still you can simply do a Google-image search for “scrabble tiles”, select one of the tile images that you like, print it off and you’re good to go.

The best part about printed scrabble tiles is that when you cut the letters out, you’re cutting square shapes (which are easy), and not the letters themselves.

Hint: If you’re using printed scrabble tiles and you want to create a 3-Dimensional look, just stick them to the page using mounting tape. And if you don’t have mounting tape – simply use a piece of corrugated card (from any decent sized cardboard box) and a few pieces of double sided cardboard to piece them together.

Magazines and Newspapers

Theses are another great place to get letters from. Almost everyone has a couple of old magazines lying around, and they’re jam packed full with letters of different shapes, sizes, colors and fonts to choose from. Just cut a few out and you’ve got a great assortment of free letters to add to your pages.