Cheap Scrapbooking Technique: Adding Tags

Scrapbooking tags have long been a great way to add special notes to a page in a way that breathes new life and interactivity to the layout.

They are also a very cheap scrapbooking technique that can be a no brainer to implement. In this post we’ll be looking at a couple of simple ways to create tags, what to put on the tags, and a few different locations to place them on your page.

Making Tags

cheap scrapbooking adding tags
As seen in the pictures to the right – these tags are little more than a small rectangular piece of card, with a ribbon attached, and that’s all yours need to be too.

However, if you’d like to jazz them up just a little more you can do that too. For a nice border, cut out a piece of card that is the same shape and a little bit larger than the tag itself and attach it to the back of the tag using double sided tape. You can also add little embellishments such as buttons, stickers, charms and other nick nacks to personalise them even further.

Writing on Tags

cheap scrapbooking adding tags
Usually the content that gets written on tags are short notes about the photos, such as what’s going on or what happened before/during/after the event, and sometimes they’re just another place to add a page title. Nevertheless, they’re a great and inexpensive way to liven up a page

Placing Tags on the Page

There are 3 common places that I like to add tags to a page.

  1. Behind photos are a really neat place to place tags. If the photo is only mounted to the page from the corners you can simply slip the tag underneath leaving ribbon or tassel exposed.
  2. You can also make the tag itself a feature of the page by making a special place for it. For example, the tags string could be attached to the page with a brass fastener or looped around a sewn on button and left to dangle.
  3. Finally you could create a special pocket on the page and neatly slip the tags into the pocket.