5 Reasons You Should Use Free Scrapbooking Layouts

free scrapbooking layouts
I have been to a number of scrapbooking events and socials. When talking to avid scrapbooking fans, I have met a few that had not even considered using free scrapbooking layouts (some didn’t even know they existed!).

I don’t know why this is the case, but there are a number of reasons you should look at using a free layout for your next scrapbook:

1. Obviously it will cost a lot less

We’re not all made of money and if you can get something for free – why wouldn’t you? To me, it makes little sense to buy a layout when you can get free scrapbooking layouts. I have seen some scrapbooking layouts cost as much as $30 per layout! I’m pretty sure that was not the most expensive one around either! I’m not saying you should never buy another layout, heck if I find the perfect layout I’ll happily put down the money. However, if all your looking for is a simple layout, there are a number of free ones that are just as good as the ones you can buy.

2. You can change it if there is something you don’t like

When I buy a scrapbook layout, its usually because I think its ‘perfect’. However, there are times when its close to what I want, but not exactly what I want. If I get adventurous and try to change the layout, there it a chance I can ruin it. If you download free scrapbooking layouts, you can print, use and edit them as much as you like. If you make a mistake, just print another one – easy as that. No more worrying about how much it will cost you if you make a mistake!

3. Its truer to the original concept of scrapbooking

Scrapbooking originally was done by people who had little money. In the days of old, photographs were expensive and having enough to fill an album was out of the question! People would collect scraps of ribbon, string and other memoribilia and make beautiful arrangements of these scrap pieces in a book – Hence scrapbooking! They would be mortified at the prospect of buying new things to put into their book.

4. The layouts are just as good as the paid ones

Thats right! Some people have a stigma about free things and scrappers are no exception. There is a belief that if its free, its probably a bad design that wouldn’t sell. This is a misconception that needs to be put to rest right now. I have seen some free scrapbooking layouts that are better than ones I paid for in the past. Have a look – I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

5. Self Satisfaction

I don’t know about you, but when I find a way to make something and save money in the process, I get a little swelling of pride in my chest accompanied by a sense of self satisfaction. This will add a nice little glow to the feeling of accomplishment when you finish your next scrapbook.

Next time you start up a scrapbook and are thinking of layouts, be sure to cast your eye over some of the free layouts before going straight for the paid ones – you may just find exactly what you are looking for. You have nothing to lose and money to save!

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