3 Cheap Scrapbooking Tips

cheap scrapbooking
There is a stigma around scrapbooking. For some reason, people believe that you have to spend a decent amount of money to get a great looking scrapbook and that cutting corners will leave you with a cheap and tatty looking album.

This school of thinking is wrong and should be stopped in its tracks. So how can you make a great looking album with cheap scrapbooking?

Easy, its all about innovation. Here’s a couple of ideas I use regularly to save money:

Coloured Paper / Cardboard

When I was in a craft store, I noticed that white paper is sold in slabs of 500 sheets, while coloured paper was sold individually or in groups of 50 – and was more expensive than the slab of white paper. ‘How cheeky’ I thought. While thinking how I could cut the costs of this, I noticed that they were selling some chalk based pastels in a clearance bin nearby. I brought the 500 slab of white paper and went home.

Once home, I used the pastels on the paper and rubbed it around with my palm. This looked amazing, it had a soft cloudy appeal and really looked effective. The best part was, I had 36 other colours to choose from if I needed. Cheap scrapbooking 1 : the old expensive way 0.

If you cannot find pastels, you can also use chalk to achieve the same effect.

Make Your Own Paper

Its easy, relatively clean and really gives a loving feel to your scrapbooks. There are a number of guides to making your own paper online, so a quick Google search will yield a number of tutorials on how to do this. So do your bit for the environment and make your own paper!

Look for Alternative Places to Buy Supplies

Believe it or not, craft stores are more expensive than many other stores. Simply shopping around in other stores will yield you some great results. I have found many similar items stocked by Newsagents, Art stores and Office Supply stores, which you can buy in larger quantities for a cheaper price.

So stop paying a premium and don’t be afraid to shop around!

While writing this article, I thought of a couple of other ways you can achieve a great result with cheap scrapbooking but I’ll save that for my next update. I’m sure you’ve probably thought of your own ideas while reading this too!