2 Cheap Scrapbooking Tricks Guaranteed To Look Great ‘And’ Save You Money!

The satisfaction of creating a scrapbook with the knowledge that you’ve done so with very minimal cost can be such a great feeling, especially when it makes your friends and families jaws drop in amazement by how good it looks. I mean this is how scrapbooking is meant to be-is it not? Weren’t early scrapbooks exactly that – books filled with scraps?

Of course they we’re, and the fact that you can buy so many materials from shops doesn’t mean that you have to in order to make it look special and beautiful.

In this post I’d like to share with you 2 simple and very cheap scrapbooking techniques for creating impressive scrapping effects, namely; paper cutout embellishments and ancient parchments.

Paper Cutout Embellishments

cheap scrapbooking bath tub
Paper cutouts are perhaps the simplest and cheapest (yet most eye catching) types of embellishments that you can use, and you can make them yourself very quickly. All you need to do is find a picture in a magazine or on the internet of something relevant to your photo (such as a ‘bath tub’ if you’re scrapbooking a picture of you child having fun in the bath) and then trace around the outside of the picture onto another piece of paper.

You can then take a different coloured piece of card (for highlighting) and trace around some of the finer attributes of the picture, in this case the rim of the bath and the legs (see pic the right)

All you need to do now is cut out these shapes and stick them together with double sided tape. Easy huh?

Ancient Parchment look

cheap scrapbooking ancient parchment
When scrapbooking an historical page, you can make your journalling sections look like there’re written on ancient parchment. To do this just tear around the edges of some card, then smudge the chalk around the torn edges. And finally, distress the edges by rubbing them, tearing, and folding them back around the corners and edges.

This particular technique creates a great effect with all kinds of different colours of chalk and card, however the ancient parchment look in particular looks best with brown colors.


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