2 Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas For Adding Pockets To Your Pages

Throwing in a pocket or two to your scrapbook layouts can be a great way to add notes, tags and other items that would otherwise clutter up the page. So here are 2 cheap scrapbooking examples for adding pockets your pages using materials that you already have or ones that you can get for free.

School Monogram

cheap scrapbooking pockets
When I was scrapbooking photos from my sons school years, there were lots of little notes that I wanted to include about the photos, but I couldn’t seem to find the space on the page for them. So what I decided to do was write down all of the notes on small rectangular-shaped cardboard tags, and to slip them into a pocket.

But I wanted to make the pocket extra special so I thought a little laterally and un-stitched the monogram from his school blazer (See pic to the right) and then sewed it onto the page using a sewing machine.

The end result was a very personalised eye-catching feature that not only looks great, but was functional too.

French-Fries Packet

cheap scrapbooking pockets
Many children grow up with some kind of attachment to fast food restaurants, which is possibly because of fond memories from birthday parties and stopping by for lunches after Saturday sports. Nevertheless my son’s favourite was McDonald’s.

And one evening after we had just finished a McDonalds dinner, he ran over to play in the playground and before I knew it (much to my dismay) he had fallen off of one of the slides an was in need of medical attention. Needless to say it all ended up ok, although the event is so etched in my memory that I just had to add a page about it to my scrapbook.

And to include this story in the page layout, I got an empty (un-used) french fry packet from my local McDonald’s restaurant and attached it to to the page with some double sided sticky tape, and then just popped the note inside with the story written on it.

These are just a couple of ideas to inexpensively add pockets to your scrapbook layouts, however I’m you’re thinking of more now.

- Maree

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