How To Fix Scrapbooking Mistakes

vintage scrapbook old photo
No matter how careful you are, there will inevitably come a time when you make a mistake in your scrapbook. However the tricky part, is that not all the mistakes will be the same, and so they cannot all be treated using the same method.

That’s why in this post I’d like to share with you a few of the techniques that I’ve developed over the years to mask most of my blunders.

Mistakes, Marks, and Glue

If you notice a mistake, mark, or little bits of glue on your scrapbook page, you can try rubbing them off with a soft white eraser. Apply light pressure to begin with to avoid damaging the page, and if the mark doesn’t disappear, carefully apply a little more pressure until the mark is gone. This has saved my layouts many times in the past.

Make It A Feature

Alternatively, If the mark won’t go away, you can turn the mark into an interesting squiggle or doodle and present it as a feature of the page.

Journal Text

For mistakes made in journal text, try covering it with a sticker that is the same colour as the journal page, and then just write the new text on the sticker.

Bigger Mistakes

If the mistake is larger, you can cover the mistake with a larger sticker (or picture) such as a smiley face, cat, flower, or starfish. All you have to do is think of something that fits in with the theme of the page. This a good one because no one will ever realise that it actually it hides a mistake.

White/Black Page Mistakes

If the mistake is on a plain white page, and the mark is only small, ‘white-out’ can be used to hide it. And for black pages, you can also get ‘black-out’ from most craft stores.

Finger Print Smudges on Photographs

Fingerprint smudges on your photographs can be removed by rubbing the fingerprints gently with a piece of flannel or a dry baby wipe.

I hope these tips can are able to help you get out a sticky situation, the next time you make a mistake (because they sure have for me).

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