A Picture Perfect Baby Girl Scrapbook

baby girl scrapbook
Lets do a quick exercise. I want you to picture someone showing you a scrapbook. A book designed for their baby girl. What sort of book are you visualising? Chances are it goes something along these lines:

Its a pink or lavender colour. There bits of ribbon and lace on and around the pages. There are some pattens, most involve, pink and white and most probably have lines or checkered styles. Amongst them are numerous photos of the baby spread over a number of pages, which are over the space of about a year.

Did I get close? If not – congratulations, you have visualised a different, and by extension, better scrapbook. The problem with most baby girl scrapbooks is that all too often, people fall into the trap of using ‘safe’ and ‘standard’ colours and patterns in their books.

This always results in a scrapbook that will come out average at best and bland at worst. To help scrappers avoid this pitfall, I have put together a guide of things I do and don’t do, when undertaking some baby girl scrapbooking :

Pink is a choice

You don’t have to choose pink or for that matter. Pink is the default option that people use for their baby girl scrapbook. Instead, think about what her favourite colour is or the colour of her favourite bits of clothing are. People will be silently relived that they don’t have to look at ‘another pink baby scrapbook’ – trust me.

There’s More to Life Than Just Ribbon

That’s right, ribbon is nice and I’m not saying don’t use it in your book, but only use light applications of ribbon and only once or twice in the book, otherwise it can give off the impression of being cliché. Think about other materials children like, glitter, macaroni, stickers and coloured pencils are all things kids love and will really make your scrapbook stand out.

Style By Design

If you can, avoid plain pattens, stripes and checkered patterns are ok, but I love to go for something with a bit more pizazz. Floral designs or coloured polka dots fit in really well and really add some flavour to your book.

I don’t want to tell you what you can and can’t put into your book, that is personal and really up to the creator, but next time you make a baby girl scrapbook, take the road less travelled and you’ll create something special for that someone special!

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