Scrapbook Ideas for Boys Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking Ideas For Boys… by Cijaye DePradine One great thing about scrapbooking children is that you get to profile the kids you love and all that they love. The sky is the limit with themes, colors, photos, cropping, matting, embellishing and patterned papers. Kids scrapbooks are so vibrant and so fun. Boy scrapbooks are no different.

Boy scrapbooks don’t have to be limited to blues, greens, browns and / or dark colors like you might think.

Especially if you are doing baby boy scrapbooking. Baby boys are still so soft and gentle. Their boyish scrapbook pages deserve a calm look and feel. Yes, you can use random splashes of dark trim, matting, borders, accents or embellishments to bring a little more dark into the layouts. But overall your color theme should include soft, or subtle washouts of traditional boy colors / backgrounds as well as a decent amount of white (representing purity) and the occasional soft yellows (representing friendship).

Baby boy scrapbook layouts deserve the same. You can – if you are a veteran scrapbooker get away with much more (such as creating mosaic or collage scrapbook pages – where the layouts are complex and cluttered) but if you are not at such a level…its a good idea to keep these baby boy scrapbook layouts as soft as the newborn gentlemen are themselves.

Sure, you can do single or multiple pictures on each page…but you still want to keep the alignment of your photo’s calm and subtle.

New born baby boys have not quite grown into the rough and tumble boys that you might scrapbook about with solid and structured color as well as crazy random layouts when they hit age 8 and up.

As for the 8 and up boys…no holds barred! That’s right – you have full reign and all of my express permission to go wild. You could go goth even if you wanted to! (If this young man’s personality demands such a bold message).

Your job will be to capture the essence of this young dude to ensure that your boy scrapbook pages are perfect. If for example your young boy is a truck and car kid…you can use anything from ashphalt grays, yellow and white (road marking colors) and stop sign reds – to muddy browns, grassy greens, tire blacks and a lot of dusty textures.

If he is a dinosaur fan…your scrapbook pages will be full of desert colors and earthy greens. As well as scaly textures and the like. If he is a fantasy fan – and favors movies and books like Harry Pottery and Eragon – your boys scrapbook layouts will be dark and mysterious as well as starlit and whimsical. (You may even wish to add a lot of unique compartments and envelopes to make this magical boy scrapbook a mystical story all in and of itself!

As for the all boy scrapbook layouts – this is where it gets really fun. Boys are by nature quite random and sporadic. They love to mix things up. They love to play. They love to get dirty. So be playful with your layouts. Defy convention. Crop your photo’s into monster truck or TRex shapes. Scatter tire marks over everything. Splatter mudd. Embellish with gum wrappers. Matt or fringe with torn and dirty denim. But most of all – lose your inhibitions.

Be creative! Be boyish! Be fun!

Happy Scrapping!

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My name is Cijaye DePradine. Scrapbooking is by far my favorite hobby – I have been refining my scrapbooking skills since the early 90′s (before it was even a mainstream craft). Through my website you can find scrapbooking ideas and directions for beginners as well as tips for making money with scrapbooking …please visit: Scrapbooking Directions & Scrapbooking Directions Blog for more scrapbooking ideas now.

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