Unleash Your Creativity Sales Letter

Don’t consider yourself creative? You’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily this technique allows you to tap into a hidden reservoir of inspiration that you never thought you had, regardless of whether you consider yourself creative or not!
You’re About To Discover;
The Secret To ‘UNLIMITED Creativity’!
Stun Your Family And Friends With Breathtaking Scrapbooks…
ESPECIALLY If You’re Struggling For Ideas… And…
Don’t Know Where To Start!
Sound too good to be true? Well, I’ve been teaching this exact method for OVER 10 years, and have seen amazing results from people who swore they didn’t have an artistic bone in their body!

Hi, my name is Maree Galt and for most of my adult life I’ve taught classes in pretty much every craft that you could imagine, from crochet, quilting and decoupage, to cross stitch, knitting and paper toll, just to name a few…

However being a mother of 3, scrapbooking has always been closest to my heart. Having the ability to relive so many irreplaceable memories such as my son’s first day of school, and my daughter’s wedding, simply by flicking through one of my hand made albums is a feeling I cannot describe. 

…But what I’ve discovered through teaching is that everyone struggles for inspiration sometimes, no matter if you’re a beginner, or a professional (Yes! Even the best scrapbookers get stuck for ideas). The only difference is that the experts have a proven system that allows them to tap into their creative genius whenever they please.

Let me explain:

You see the top scrappers aren’t much better than you at all, they just have a step-by-step process tucked up their sleeve that allows them to go from the terror of a blank page to a beautiful, unforgettable-masterpiece, even if they feel flat, or low on energy!

During my 10 years of teaching, I’ve witnessed first-hand that the number one problem which faces scrapbookers is the paralysing helplessness they feel as they stare down at their blank page, not knowing what to do. This often causes them to throw away their projects in frustration and anger (sometimes even quitting scrapbooking forever!).

…In fact, I recently ran a survey of over 4000 scrapbookers, and discovered that for

73% Of Scrapbookers, Their BIGGEST struggle (by a long shot) Was How To Find Inspiration And Generate New Creative Ideas!

However, what’s so staggering, is that this problem can be easily fixed! They just haven’t been told where to look, or what to look for in order to get their creative juices flowing. And this is why they struggle with choosing colors, positioning photos, and picking embellishments, why they gaze aimlessly through the magazines feeling inadequate, and why they have a pile of unfinished projects hiding away in their cupboard.

It all just becomes too hard!

And as the spiral of frustration continues, they usually start copying templates (which is fine), although using other peoples templates never gives you the true satisfaction of having created something entirely by yourself. It’s still just a poor imitation of somebody else’s work.

The good news is, if you can identify with this in the slightest, or if you’ve actually experienced it before first-hand, What you really need is a really simple…

Technique For Generating New Ideas, So That You Can Make Your Own Unique Designs, Quickly And Easily!

And that’s exactly what I’d like to share with you now!

The amazing thing is, the answer has actually been right in front of you, just staring you in the face every time you’ve gazed at your cherished photos.

That’s right! The very pictures you’re aching to scrapbook are the first (and in most cases ‘the only’) place you’ll ever need to look to unlock a treasure chest of creative ideas that’ll have you, cutting, gluing, sticking, and binding beautiful scrapbooks together faster than you ever thought possible.

You see, every single layout design, embellishment idea, photo mounting, colour choice, and paper type becomes obvious when you draw your inspiration from your photos. Better still, using this technique will not only give you a better result (and faster) – it will also help you save heaps of money by using materials that you already have.

But that’s not all! There is actually a (really easy)…

STEP-BY-STEP Process That You Can Follow Right Now, That’ll Allow You Start Pumping Out Stunning Layouts, Almost Immediately…

And it’s this exact process, that is perhaps the most important (and secretive) trick that the magazines and professionals use to enable them to become instantly creative.

And here’s the clincher, it pretty much boils down to just a couple of questions that you can ask yourself whenever you like.

The key, is to just look into your photos and ask yourself a handful of questions such as, “what are the prominent colors in this photo”, and “what activities are going on” just to name a few. These kinds of questions help you to ‘draw out’ the creative direction for your page… Sadly though,

The Reason They Don’t Tell You This, Is Because They Want You To Carry On Buying Their Layouts INSTEAD Of Coming Up With Your Own Ideas. They’re Trying To Keep You In The Dark!

But what I’d like to do for you, is to break this cycle and empower you with the right tools to help you create your own layouts, quickly and easily.

Better still, with this simple technique (that literally anyone can do) you’ll also get a juicy side benefit! That is, when you look to your photos for creative guidance, you’ll end up incorporating items that you’d never considered before, and in most cases, items that you already have.

Things like, flowers from your garden, a uniform from your child’s primary school days, or a safety-pin that was used to hold your baby’s nappy together. And,

By Applying This Technique You’ll Not Only SAVE Hundreds Of Dollars By Using Materials You Already Have, But Your Scrapbook Will Be More Personal Than You Ever Imagined.

Ok, so let me get to the point,

Inside the eBook “Unleash Your Creativity” (see pic left) you’ll see the exact step-by-step process that I’ve described above, revealing the actual ‘thought process’ the experts go through to make spectacular looking pages time after time.

With 74 jam-packed pages you’ll see precisely ‘how’, and ‘why’ specific papers, colour schemes, and embellishments were chosen from the photos themselves, to create 47 beautifully designed pages.

I guarantee you’ll experience a ‘light bulb’ moment that’ll empower you with the right process to come up with new creative ideas yourself, and finally create the breathtaking, jaw-dropping scrapbooks you’ve always imagined, as easily as if you were buttering toast!

What Other Customers Are Saying…

“Choosing pics that tell the story best and trying not to use too many pics is hard for me. Your suggestions are so good that people don’t need to have creative talent.”

A user from Manitoba, Canada

“It’s so hard to find time to scrapbook but these have provided me with instant ideas for page layouts so that I could spend more time ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’ of a layout. They’re great – I have used them all in my own pages several times!”

Melissa Bloomfield

Get ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ Now And Start Applying This Simple Technique To Your Scrapbooks Immediately!

Plus, each layout is annotated with descriptions to reveal how the original inspiration was drawn from the photos to build out the pages, as well as lists of materials, and ‘close up’ style photos to illustrate and highlight specific components.

But that’s only a taste of what you’ll get inside “Unleash Your Creativity”. You’ll also discover:

  • How to save hundreds of dollars and make your scrapbooks look better than ever, using materials you already have, but never considered before!
  • Seven powerful questions to ask yourself when you’re starving for ideas, that are guaranteed to cause an avalanche of inspiration, first time, every time.
  • A quick and easy guide for how to use this book like a creative ‘well’, to refill your imagination tank whenever it’s feeling low.
  • How to use keepsake mementos instead of generic store-bought items to make your scrapbook extra personal, and save money doing it.
  • 33 unique layouts including: Babies, Birthdays, Playground, Hand Prints, School, Bath Time, Bed Time, Pets, Holidays, Snow, Cars, Billy Carts, Friends, Family, Gardens, Ballons, Babies First Steps, Christmas, Kindergarten, Bike Riding, McDonalds, Fishing, Grandparents, Sport, Animals, The beach, Tree House, And Heaps More…
  • How to make use of ‘left over’ alphabet stickers
  • How to use images found on the internet as well as tiles, buttons, ribbons, nuts and bolts, christmas decorations and much more
  • How to position stickers easily and accurately
  • How to incorporate alphabet beads and scrabble tiles
  • How to use foam tape to make titles, pictures and other page elements ‘pop out’ form the page
  • Over 60 examples of ‘dirt cheap’ embellishments that look great including: Swing tags, Buttons, Tiles (such as metal, word and alphabet tiles), Stickers, (including alpha stickers and crystal stickers), Paper Cutouts, Charms, Ribbons, Paper Piercing, Trimmings (such as rickrack braid), Christmas Decorations, Internet Images, Fast Food Packaging, Original Documents (such as certificates and awards), Leather Binding, Tree bark, Envelopes, String, And Heaps More…
  • Descriptions that explain the origins of each layout so that you can see first hand how the photos dictated the design of the page.
  • Lists of the materials used in each layout, including; paper, vellum, computer fonts, punches and embellishments and more.
  • Expanded visual spotlights that highlight page elements so you can understand the detail of each technique.

…And there’s an awful lot more, but that should be enough to give you an idea.

What Other Customers Are Saying…

“Knowing where to start can be hard for me but these gave me some wonderful ideas, I loved them. They were down to earth, very creative and helpful with concrete how-to ideas.”

Margaret Tosh

“They are quick, easy to do, and give me lots of inspiration! I sometimes just get stuck in a rut with the same layouts all the time and these ones made me think differently about how I scrapbook after 8 years!”


“I really enjoyed the layouts, they gave me direction without having to over-think.”

Kim S. Fox

Get Access To This Step-By-Step Process For Generating More Scrapbooking Ideas Than You Can Handle, AND The 33 Full-Colour Examples NOW!

Remember, these are not “copy and paste” layouts that have you simply “stealing” someone else’s creative work, but a step-by-step “system” for releasing your own untapped (and probably unknown to you!) creativity, so that you can produce your own exquisite masterpieces that’ll have your friends and family in awe for years to come!

But that’s not all, I also want to give you a few extra goodies that ‘I personally’ use as reference material for my own scrapbooks. And I want to give them to you for free just because I think they’ll help you out (in a big way). PLUS there’s a couple of cute patterns in there too that’ll make great gifts for friends and family.

Your 5 FREE Bonuses Include…
FREE Bonus 1: Tips & Hints

Over 150 Scrapbooking Hints, Tips and Tricks is a comprehensive 68-Page guide to scrapbooking. Whether you have been scrapbooking for years, or you’re about to start your first album, this ebook is jam-packed full of hints, tips and techniques to help you every step of the way, from starting with a blank page to working on the finishing touches.

It covers the basic (and advanced) tools, planning, and design principles required to make your layouts a pleasure to look at, as well as ideas for embellishments, backgrounds, faux techniques and heaps more.

INSIDE: You’ll Discover:
  • EVERYTHING you need to know to get started
  • How to use photographs to make a lasting impression
  • Design principles used to create Professional layouts
  • The ‘right’ tools to use to achieve the BEST finish
  • How to get rid of mistakes
  • Embellishment ideas for getting that personal touch
  • How to create impressive illusions using Faux techniques
  • And Much More…
FREE Bonus 2: Quotes & Sayings

Hugs From The Heart is a collection of over 700 heart warming expressions, thoughts, sayings and quotes. Here you will find the perfect complement to your scrapbook pages, giving them that ‘extra meaning’ that’ll leave a lasting impression on every reader.

But they’re not just great for scrapbooking! They also make the perfect addition to your folk art, applique, quilting, fridge magnets, tote bags, calendars, wall plaques, calligraphy, greeting cards, invitations, embroidery, cake decorating , jar labels, gifts, keepsakes and countless other applications.

INSIDE: You’ll Get:
  • Touching quotes for babies and birthdays
  • Heart warming thoughts for family and friends
  • Inspirational sayings about love and life
  • Cute expressions for girls and guys
  • Fun thoughts about homes and hobbies
  • Plus quotes about angels, Christmas, holidays, sports…
  • And Much More…
FREE Bonus 3: Heritage Album Tips

Preserving Your Heritage With Scrapbooking will help you preserve precious memories of your relatives and ancestors. Discover 30 little known techniques used in heritage scrapbooking to create an album that’ll be treasured for generations.

INSIDE: You’ll Discover:
  • Where to find invaluable photos and information from your ancestors
  • How to preserve antique photos and ephemera
  • Great ideas for personalised embellishments
  • How to use journaling to capture family stories
  • Tips for mounting, edging, dying, and chalking
  • And Much More!
FREE Bonus # 4

(Retail Value $9.95)

“1000′s of FREE Fonts” is simply that. When I started scrabooking one thing I found that I never had enough of was fonts. Having the right font can really make the difference between an ordinary layout and an outstanding layout.

So I have spent many hours searching for fonts, and over time as a result of my research, I have compiled a comprehensive list of websites that offer between them, 1000′s of Free Fonts. This Bonus will save you hours of work looking for fonts when you need them.

FREE Bonus 4: Tote Bag Pattern

This delightful tote bag is the perfect companion for any scrapper! It’s large size (48cm x 43cm or 19in x 17in) makes it ideal for carrying all of your tools and materials for your current and future projects. This tote bad is sure to make you the envy of all your friends.

INSIDE: You’ll Get:
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide you through each stage of making the tote
  • Easy-to-follow, detailed colour diagrams
  • Precise dimensions for cutting out each element, minimising your chances of making a mistake
  • Close up style photographs of the finished tote bag to act as a reference
    for how it should look when you’re finished.
FREE Bonus 5: Mini ‘Fold-Out’ Album Pattern

This mini fold-out album makes the prefect gift to remember any special accession such as a wedding, birthday, fathers day, mothers day, recital, graduation, your child’s first day of school, Christmas, anniversaries and more.

It’s also especially great when you only have a small number of photos to work with, and it makes a fantastic talking point with friends and family over a coffee or dinner party.

INSIDE: You’ll Get:
  • A detailed list of materials
  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • An easy-to-use template
  • Full color photographs of the finished album for reference to guide you through each stage of making the album

Ok, So here’s the offer: You Get EVERYTHING Listed Above,

The eBook ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ showing you step-by-step how to tap into the hidden treasure trove of inspiration you never knew you had, allowing you to come up with amazing ideas instantly, and whenever you like. PLUS the 5 bonuses.

…And all for only $27.00

Keep in mind that this is hardly what you’d spend on the materials for one layout if you bought them from a shop, let alone a whole scrapbook. And, you’ll be able to use this technique for the rest of your life, in every scrapbook you ever make.

Save Hundreds (If Not Thousands) Of Dollars On Materials That You Don’t Need To Buy, With This Step-By-Step Process NOW!

This really is an investment in yourself!

Ask your self this: how many times have you bought alphabet sheets or sticker packs because you wanted to use one, or maybe two of what was inside, and then never used the rest? Well I’ll tell you, that makes the ones you do use pretty darned expensive!

You see, scrapbooking doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, there are ton’s of materials that are just lying around your home right now that’ll make great alternatives to the expensive stuff you buy from stores. And, you’ll discover how to find them inside this eBook “Unleash Your Creativity”.

PLUS, This Product Is Backed Up With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s simple, I’m passionate about helping people to make amazing scrapbooks, and I strongly believe in treating people the way I’d like to be treated.

That’s why, if you don’t get the “Ah ha” Experience that unleashes the limitless flow of creativity that I’ve promised…

…Just send me an email, and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked, and you can keep the products as my gift to you, Just for giving it a try.

But remember, if you don’t take action right now, nothing will ever change!

You’ll forever be struggling for ideas, inspiration and creativity. You’ll continue spending hours of time and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on scrapbooks that only look a half as good as they could look.

So do it now! It’s Easy. Simply click the ”Get Instant Access” button now, and follow the simple prompts and…

Discover How To Make The Jaw-Dropping Scrapbooks That’ll Be The Envy Of All Your Friends Now!

What Other Customers Are Saying…

“I just want to tell you that with every layout I receive I am more and more pleasantly surprised. You have the greatest layouts ever! Just my type.

I’m not a very frou-frou kind of person, so all the layouts full of dozens of different pieces of paper, and ribbons and bows and buttons just make me want to quit scrapbooking.

I love yours-elegant but to the point. I love the fact that with your layouts, you don’t have to search for the pictures amongst all the decorations. They are right there to be seen, just displayed in a beautiful way.

I haven’t scrapbooked in the last two years (we moved house 3 times) and now that I am settled I am ready to start again but have drawn a complete blank with layouts.  I am going to purchase your book and can’t wait to see what other great ideas you have.

Thank you for sharing your great ideas with people like me who are ”creative-challenged”. My husband gave me a cricut expressions machine for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I’m going to try to incorporate its uses into my new scrapbooking.”

Lena Fonkert

“They help me mix and match at quick glance. I love them!”


“I think these layouts are great, they have shown me some different things to try and I have even told some of my scrapbooking friends about them.”

Sue Douglas

“These layouts do help a lot, especially when I don’t know how to start from scratch, find inspiration, or just feel like I can still scrap. They really help me to pick up where I left off.”


“They’re a good thing to help start when you run out of ideas. They help to give me ideas so I can make my own.”

Etta Mollison

“They’re Fabulous – A huge help! Very much appreciated.”


“Not making the page look too busy is a challenge, but these have helped me realise you don’t really need a lot of photos. Now I use less photos and my page looks a lot better. Love them!”


“I’m grateful that someone goes to such lengths to help, especially ‘newbie’ scrapbookers and I really appreciate your efforts! Some won’t work for me but others have given me great inspiration.”

Connie Donley

“Being able to mix and match the layouts were a great help. I’m very excited to go on with my scrap-booking project so I can apply these layouts. Very very nice indeed!”

Elizabeth Ceniza

Join These, And Many More Delighted Customers Who Are Already Stunning Their Family And Friends With Amazing Scrapbooks NOW!

P.S. Also, because this product is an electronic book (eBook), as soon as you’ve completed the payment section (which is very quick and easy), you’ll receive everything instantly! No-waiting days or weeks for it to arrive in the mail. You can be using these techniques in minutes!

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